Autonomy & Sutainability

– The potential of a sustainable technology – local changes have global impacts

The technology of autonomy is about to change the world as we know it, and changing it fast!  Amazing technological breakthroughs provide unprecedented opportunities and help us solve challenges in a sustainable way.

Connecting the international technology community with industry leaders and decision makers, this year’s Summit, “The technology of Autonomy – a contributor to a sustainable development”, will feature the following topics in plenary:

Technology trends: The future perspective of the tech trends related to autonomy

Society: The impact an  autonomous world will have on our daily lives

Commercialization: The opportunities and challenges of new business models and consumer behavior


Technology Summit
8. - 9. November

25 speakers
400 tickets

Technology Summit puts Norway on the technological map!

About Technology Summit

Technology Summit Kongsberg is hosted by Kongsberg Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with the Kongsberg industry, Oslo Region, Buskerud County Council and ITS Norway. This year’s conference will be arranged for the twenty-first time and will be hosting high level industrial leaders, politicians, research- and development institutions, industrial organizations and other public bodies.

Technology Summit Kongsberg focus on new and exciting trends and challenges of technology, innovation and design.

Rates ex. VAT:

NOK  4.490,-    EUR 475


Meet leading technologist, autonomy and community development experts and learn more about commercialization of new solutions and how business models will change in many industries.

André Pettersen
Director of Research for Autonomous Systems at the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI).
Andreas Ekström
Culture Journalist at Swedish daily Sydsvenskan
Daniel Susskind
Economist & co-author of the best-selling book - The Future of the Professions
Espen Sivertsen
Founder & CEO of Ivaldi Group
Jennifer Vessels
Founder & CEO of Next Step, Silicon Valley
Salvador Baille
Managing Director & Owner of Intelis
Kristin Skogen Lund
Director-general, The Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise
Dr. Tim Moonen
Managing Director, The BUSINESS of CITIES



The city of Kongsberg is situated 80 km south-west of Oslo, and 130 km from Oslo International Airport.

From Oslo Airport to Kongsberg it takes about 1 hour and 45 minutes by train.  Timetables

By car
If you choose to drive it takes about 1 hour and 45 minutes from the airport, and about 1 hour and 10 minutes from the centre of Oslo.


Quality Hotel Grand // tlf. +47 32 77 28 00
Booking code for special conference rate: TECHSUMMIT
Single room: NOK 1.500,- // Double room: NOK 1.700,- (2 persons)

Best Western Gyldenløve Hotell // Tlf. +47 32 86 58 00
Booking code for special conference rate: Tech Summit
Single room: NOK 1.350,-

Kongsberg Hostels // Tlf. +47 32 73 20 24

Søstrene Storaas Hotell
Located about 20 km from Kongsberg city center. We offer transport to and from the conference. // Tlf. +47 32 77 13 00

Lampeland Hotell
Located 22 km from Kongsberg city center.  We offer transport to and from the conference.
Booking code for special conference rate: Kongsbergsummit
Single room: NOK 1.190,- // Double room: NOK 1.350,- // Tlf. + 47 32 76 09 00

About Kongsberg

The city of Kongsberg has Norway’s largest high-tech cluster, known world-wide for its advanced technology and products.
Kongsberg is an industry-driven competence cluster solely based on brain power and with leadership positions in many industries. Innovation is increasingly taking place in collaboration between companies, customers, suppliers and knowledge communities.

The Kongsberg industry strength its competitiveness through faster innovation, smart use of new technology and further development of sharing culture.

What is Technology Summit Kongsberg?

About Technology Summit Kongsberg

Technology Summit takes place in week 45, Thursday 8th and Friday 9th November. The conference runs from Thursday morning to Friday lunch in «Krona».

Technology Summit aim to present a holistic and professional experience for the participants. The overall theme of the conference is Technology, Innovation and Design. This year’s focus area is autonomy.

Technology Summit Kongsberg is hosted by Kongsberg Chamber of Commerce
in cooperation with the Kongsberg industry.

Kongsberg: The home, heart and soul of high-tech inventions!

Technology Summit News


Technology Summit Kongsberg is hosted by Kongsberg Chamber of Commerce
in cooperation with the Kongsberg industry.


Technology Summit Kongsberg will be held at KRONA i Kongsberg, Norway.

Hasbergsvei 36, 3616 Kongsberg