Se hva som skjedde på Summit i 2019 | Kongsberg Summit

Se hva som skjedde på Summit i 2019


Be where the best ideas are shared and real progress is made

Technology Summit 2019 var en internasjonal konferanse, og programmet og innleggene er derfor på engelsk.

9.30 – 11.05   Why sharing now? Are we equipped for sharing?

The changes facing society demand a degree of innovation never seen before. Sharing is a step on a larger digital journey that began as early as the 1990s with the Internet. Today this dynamic tool is helping us to utilize resources more efficiently and sustainably. But are we using it effectively enough?

The digital shift presents politicians with new challenges. Fast and effective political decisions are needed, but are politicians and businesses able to keep pace?

«The Millennials» are the leaders of tomorrow. A generation dedicated to working for triple bottom line – people, planet, profit. How will this affect business?

Geir Håøy (published)


Espen Barth-Eide
The Norwegian Parliament

Megatrends – Internationally and nationally

Elin Nørve (published)
Future Leaders

People, Profit and Planet. The mindset of the future worker.

Cato Esperø, Wärtsilä
Jim Stian Olsen, Aker Solutions

ZEEDS – cross industry collaboration towards zero emission in shipping

Espen Barth-Eide, Elin Nørve, Cato Esperø and Jim Stian Olsen in conversation with Silvija Seres

Conversation on stage; Why is sharing so important now?

11.35 – 14.25   Sharing in practice

With new digital solutions and changing consumer patterns, society is using and organizing resources differently than before. Consumer focus has become central to industry. Innovation is no longer confined to industrial silos, and traditional industrial boundaries are disappearing. We need to see innovation in a new light, while devising new ways to collaborate in the future.

New forms of value creation are emerging. New business models and data monetization will be central to new digital solutions. This presents great challenges, but also great opportunities. This restructuring requires access to capital and risk management. Partnerships, crowdfunding and innovative financial solutions will be important factors for success going forward.

Greg Satell (published)

What great innovators do differently

Lars Sunde Løseth

Innovation and collaboration within finance?


12.35 – 13.20  Lunch

Hans Peter Havdal (published)


Partnering to revolutionize road construction

Ashwin Kedia (published)

Data-driven Business Models

Guro Knapstad, KONGSBERG ASA, Audun Abelsnes, Techstars and Kristin Wille von der Lippe, Fieldmade in conversation on stage

Big corporate – startup collaboration


15.30 – 16.30   The future-fit organization

Wise, creative minds flourish when challenged by unconventional leadership. Lifelong learning, diversity, global jobs, flexibility, compensation and values mean more to people of principle than traditional career trajectories.

How do we create a culture to attract innovators? What does this require from management? How can you change your own culture?
The toughest competition will be for the best minds. Success will be measured by an organisation’s ability to attract and retain talent.

Yassmin Abdel-Magied

The Value of Diversity

Espen Høiby
OSM Aviation

From Norwegian start-up to global disruptor – Challenging the dinosaurs

Milan Samani (published)
TIL Ventures

Inside-out innovation

Kåre A. Misund
NOKIA Network

The transformation of NOKIA

Milan Samani, Yassmin Abdel-Magied, Espen Høiby and Kåre A. Misund in conversation with Silvija Seres

Conversation on stage; The toughest competition will be for the best minds.

Silvija Seres

Space Tech Vorspiel

When: 17.00
Where: Norwegian Mining Museum

Welcome to the world’s first Space Tech Vorspiel – in Kongsberg! Come and hang out and talk about opportunities in the space industry.

This is sharing in practice!

– Laura Sletbakk from Kongsberg Space and Surveillance, Evelyn Honoré-Livermore from NTNU and Kristine Løvflaten Koslung, project manager for European Space Agency Business Incubation Centre Norway, shares insides.

Rune Sandbakken from Nowergian Space Agency will introduce the amazing film Apollo 11 (2019).

Read more about this event here >


Meet & Mingle Conference Dinner

When: 19.00
Where: Norwegian Mining Museum

After an exciting day at the Technology Summit we invite you all to our traditional Meet & Mingle Dinner.
This is a great venue for enjoyable get-togethers, good discussions and reflections after the conference program – and an excellent opportunity to make new and useful contacts.

We can offer good food and drink in venerable and historic surroundings. Kongsberg’s history starts in year 1624 with the start of the silver mining operations. So what is better than discussing future solutions in the museum’s old melting hut where it all began.