5G launched at Technology Summit 2018 | Kongsberg Summit

5G launched at Technology Summit 2018

Scandinavia’s first 5G test network was launched in Kongsberg during last year’s conference.

The pilot project will run until this summer, and initially, five families have been provided with broadband and TV services via 5G. Later, more customers will have the opportunity to connect, and several companies such as Coop, the Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation and Applied Autonomy are also involved.

«We are starting in Kongsberg and want to expand with several pilot sites in 2019, and are preparing to gradually roll out 5G from 2020,» said Bjørn Ivar Moen, acting head of Telenor Norway at last years conference.

CEO Sigve Brekke was also present during the launch of the pilot project, which took place during the technology and innovation conference Kongsberg Summit, and he was keen to emphasize that 5G is more than just a new mobile network:

– 5G is not only a new generation of mobile networks, but opens up enormous potential in data and telecoms and will improve the vast majority of services and solutions, regardless of industry. Now that we have opened Scandinavia’s very first 5G pilot at Kongsberg, we have put in place a flexible toolbox to take digitalization a step further, both in Norway and other countries where Telenor operates, says Brekke.

High speeds and new possibilities

The 5G network will have a potential download speed of between 1 and 10 Gbps. This is much faster than today’s 4G network, but well away from the test speed shown during a 5G demonstration by Telenor held in 2017, where E24 reported measurements of 70 Gbps.

This measurement was probably probably done under absolutely ideal conditions, and Telenor is also keen to emphasize how 5G makes it possible for many different services to share the same network. This is probably also one of the reasons why the speed in practice becomes much lower for each individual than is theoretically possible.